Glazed Sectional Doors Providing A Meeting Room Solution


Dynamic Door Solutions Ltd were contacted Microzine Ltd to work on their current project of providing a meeting area which could be closed off when in use from the rest of the unit.

This unusual solution had been suggested to Microzine as the customer wanted to maintain as much natural light into the meeting room as possible and to give a spacious feel.  The unconventional use of the panoramic sectional door which we have installed inside of their office as a room divider.

By supplying a fully glazed panoramic sectional door we were able to meet the client’s specifications.  This solution provides the client with a sleek, modern look.  By utilising the low headroom option, we ensured that the door to be fully retracted when the meeting room was not in use without loosing too much off the ceiling height.

This was one of the most creative uses of our products and definitely one we will recommend to our other clients in the future.