What is a roller shutter garage door?

All our roller shutter garage doors provide a versatile option of garage door, with the ability for the customer to maximise their space both internally and externally with the vertical operated door.  Limited headroom or internal space provides no restriction for the roller shutter door, with its versatile design its can accommodate many obstructions which other garage doors cannot. The Roller shutter’s design also allows for the door to be installed behind, within or in front of the opening.

What are the benefits of having a Roller Shutter Garage Door?

Both electronic or manual operation available

Minimal space requirements for installation

Space saving design and functionality

Requires no internal track unlike traditional systems

High security construction and design

Available in large sizes for bigger applications

Roller shutter garage door safety

Safety is an important aspect when deciding which product to have as part of our range.   All of the doors we supply meet the current CE regulations in the UK.  There are many roller doors manufactured that still do not meet the CE regulations and these doors are technically ‘illegal’.  To check if your door is CE-approved lookout for this symbol.

For roller shutter garage doors there are also strict guidelines when it comes to safety.  All Seceuroglide, Seceuroglide Excel, Aluroll and Rollmatic roller doors are fully CE compliant and all come as standard with a leading Safety Edge, collision detection, and Anti-Fall-back devices. Infra-red beams on their own as a safety device are not legal!

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Garage door security

When it comes to roller shutters you get what you pay for…..

Most roller shutter doors are secure as standard, with manually operated versions that feature sliding bars that lock internally into the side channels. Remote control electric doors are equipped with various different locking devices, normally held from the barrel that the curtain is attached to. A cheap, basic electric aluminum roller door with basic internal mechanisms is quite easy to break into, so you must make sure that if you require security you know exactly what you are looking for!

The doors that we supply offer a garage door that is Police and insurance approved. It offers a Level 1 ‘Secured by Design’ rating, is approved by the LPCB, and manufactured to resist forced entry attempts via the door’s internal mechanisms and enhancements.


We work with a number of high quality manufacturers each producing a product to meet your budget

Be careful when selecting your roller door…

Although roller doors may all appear to be very similar in design, the real differences often lay in the product’s longevity.

The differences in higher quality and long-lasting reliability tend to be in the numerous internal mechanics of roller doors, where the components cannot generally be easily seen.

A low-quality roller door will be endorsed by a short manufacturer’s warranty as the doors will fail quickly due to the numerous small, moving components– a compromise on the price may well make all the difference!