What are sectional garage doors?

Dynamic Doors sectional garage doors are double-skinned, insulated doors with each panel being filled with between 42-62mm of CFC free insulating foam, providing a measurable U value of around 0.60 W/M2K.  A Sectional door’s construction promotes strength and stability reducing damage from bumps and knocks which is not possible with other door designs.  Even as a manual door the weight of the door is extremely light and allows for the door to be lifted with ease, unlike traditionally designed garage doors.

So what are the benefits of Sectional Garage Doors?

Both electronic or manual operation available

Foam insulated panel design

Space saving design and functionality

Measurable U value gains of 0.60W/M2K

High security construction and design

Available in large sizes for bigger applications

Sectional garage door security

With its innovative design, a sectional garage door is one of the most secure on the market and is almost impossible to break into.  With their double-skinned, insulated panels the sectional door offers a great physical security product for your home.  By adding a motor and boom additional security is added to the door with the motor locking the door panels into position.

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Outstanding design & engineering

Sectional garage doors come with the option of being either manual or electric, with lightweight panels even the manual operated doors are easy to use.  The Spring system provides a smooth, quiet operation in comparison to the conventional up and over garage doors, which is very handy on larger sized doors.  With the excellent design and engineering sectional doors offer an anti-entrapment feature to prevent the trapping of fingers between the panels.   Along with the other safety features which meet the current safety regulations, you really could not ask for a safer door to have at your home.


We work with a number of high quality manufacturers each producing a product to meet your budget

Dynamic doors solution sectional insulation

Impressive insualtion

If you are looking to use your garage as an additional room to your home or to simply provide additional insulation as a whole, the sectional garage door is for you. The impressive insulation and design of the door allow for the maintenance of room temperature; meaning those prize processions are really protected. With a measurable U-value your whole home benefits from the additional insulation that a sectional door provides.