Timber garage doors

Timber Garage doors offer a beautiful, rustic and natural finish to your garage door.  Timber doors are available in an up and over, sectional, round the corner and side-hinged door.

Timber doors require minimal maintenance but with the appropriate specialised products, your doors can be easily maintained and preserved for years to come.

The wonderful benefit of timber doors is being able to choose the type of timber which is used to create your new garage door.

What are the benefits of timber garage doors?

Requires minimal maintenance

Multiple finishes and designs available

High quality construction and design

Electric and manual operation options available

What options are there for timber garage doors?

Up and over doors

Timber up and over doors all come with a factory fitted steel or timber fixing frame including all gears, tracks and springs to assist with easier site installation. These doors are available in both electric and manual operation. Doors are available up to 4800 mm in width.

Timber Sectional Doors

Vertically operating doors which maximise your usable outdoor space when operating the garage door. This type of garage door is one of the most secure on the market today. Designs are available in both traditional and computer routed designs, allowing you to really achieve the finished look you desire. These doors are available in both hard and soft woods up to a maximum width of 5000 mm. Timber types include Hemlock, Nordic Pine, European Oak, Iroko, Mahogany and Cedarwood.

Timber Side Hinged Doors

Timber Side Hinged Doors are available width both steel and timber fixing sub frames with a choice of ironmongery to finish the door in either a modern or traditional style. Timber side hinged doors are available in either a manual or electric operation.

Non-Insulated Single Skin Side Hinged Door

This option is ideal if you are using your garage as a storage area.  This type of door offers good weather protection with a factory fitted steel subframe. This type of door can be ordered in a wide variety of colours and finishes to compliment any home.

We have a wide variety of finsishes available


This type of timber is a brilliant alternative for oak when budget is key.  Idigbo is a soft to medium hardwood which is equally matched in strength to oak.  With its light colour Idigbo lends itself to being available in a wider range of colours and finishes in comparison to other timbers that are available.

Woodrite’s Warwick range is a range of products constructed from Idigbo only.  There is a wonderful selection of designs to choose from.


This timber boasts unique and innovative properties, the timber is refined with a wood-modification technique, acetylation which allows this timber to perform better than other timbers available.   This timber offers itself for standard and painted finishes.


Is a wonderful timber to use to achieve a beautiful, traditional finish.  The properties of oak mean that treatments of the timber are not only completed by the manufacturer but will also be required following installation.

With the increased weight of oak Woodrite utilise oak faced exterior plywood and moulding to reduce the weight of the garage door.

Woodrite’s Monmouth range displays a selection of products utilising oak timber.


With its beautiful textured natural colours, cedar is becoming one of the most popular timbers to use for garage doors.  Cedar offers not only good levels of durability and striking appearance but natural durability from the timber’s oils.

With this timber being a popular choice for our customers, our manufacturers such as Hormann, Garador, Woodrite and Cedar all offer garage doors constructed from this material.

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