Up and over garage doors

Up and over garage doors are considered one of the traditional styles of garage door and is still one of the most popular types purchased.  The doors are constructed from steel with an optional subframe powder coated to your chosen colour.

Up and over doors are available up to 5000 mm wide and 3000 mm high with many of the designs being available in a maximum width of 4300 mm and a height of 2200 mm.  When looking at a larger size of up and over door, it is also worth considering if a sectional door may be more economically and financially viable.

What are the benefits of up and over doors?

Come in both manual and electric options

Commercial & industrial solutions available

High durability and tough construction

Canopy Mechanism and Retractable Mechanism are available

What options are there for up and over doors?

Canopy Mechanism

A canopy up and open door is as the name suggests – when fully open the garage door provide a canopy which protrude approximately a third forward of the sub frame. A canopy style mechanism.

This option is beneficial when customers want to keep the internal roof space of the garage clear.  This mechanism operates from the sides of the garage door.  This mechanism can provide a door in either a manual or electric operation with the addition of a boom arm.  This type of mechanism is especially useful for smaller openings where you want to maximise your clear opening.

Retractable Mechanism

This type of up and over door fully retracts into the garage roof space when opened.  The door runs on tracks which are suspended from the roof of your garage.   Retractable up and over doors are the most ideal mechanism when looking to add electric operation to your garage door.

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